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22 October 2012

Video Menarik Time Lapse Kuala Lumpur

Jurufoto Rob Whitworth telah menghabiskan masa selama 5 bulan, 400 jam waktu bekerja, 4 kamera, 40 shoots, 640 gigabyte file space dan 19,997 gambar untuk menghasilkan video time lapse dibawah dengan tajuk Kuala Lumpur Day-Night. Bila ditanya kenapa beliau memilih Kuala Lumpur? Beliau menjawab Kuala Lumpur mengujakan beliau. "It's hard not to be blown away by the Petronas Twin Towers. At night they are just beautiful. The towers, together with the monorail, give the city an almost science fiction feel. I was fascinated by the city's mixture of super-modern buildings existing alongside its varied cultural enclaves and with a little of Asia’s chaos thrown in,". Saksikan video dibawah dalam resolusi full HD.


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