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02 August 2011

Autodesk Simulation CFD Now Available

Autodesk yg sangat popular dengan software Autocad nya telah melancarkan satu produk baru iaitu Autodesk Simulation CFD dimana ia mampu untuk melakukan Fluid Dynamic analysis. Autodesk melancarkan perisian ini setelah membeli sebuah syarikat bernama Blue Ridge Numerics pada Mac 2011 lalu.

Berikut adalah feature yg terdapat pada Autodesk Simulation CFD
  1. One-click simulation — New tools in Autodesk Simulation CFD simplify the use of simulation for every CAD engineer using CAD-entity groups and design study rules — providing a convenient way to set up a simulation in one-click and begin exploring flow and thermal design options.
  2. Design study automation — Several new features, such as the CAD-embedded design study builder and design study templates, enable engineers to avoid repetition of tasks when creating a design study.
  3. Remote solving — Autodesk Simulation CFD is built to support the design study process by making it easy to harness all available computational power on any user's network. A new remote solving manager helps users set up and allocate workload across multiple workstations.
  4. Team environment — New workflow and collaboration functionality enables more team members to be involved on each project. Autodesk Simulation CFD provides a powerful 3D viewer that works inside web browsers, enabling everyone to evaluate simulation results, even if they don't have an Autodesk Simulation CFD license.
  5. Decision center — Autodesk Simulation CFD extracts the data users need to drive design performance with new thermal image camera-like visualization capabilities and performance data output options to enhance decision making.

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