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07 August 2011

Pil Stamina Dari Mayat Bayi

This is not a joke. Reportedly, China made this stamina pills from dead baby, mostly abortion and stillbirth. A Korean TV documentary team went out to find the truth about this dead baby pills. They tracked down to a hospital that sell dead babies to medicine company. The documentary team reveal that when there is a dead baby at the hospitals, the staff that involved in the business immediately notify the medical company.

The medicine company will store the dead in a refrigerator and when it is ready to use, they will dry it out using medical drying microwave and grind up and put it in a capsule. The documentary team got their hands on some of the pills and tested it. The result is 99.7% human. From the test, they also can tell the gender and found some hair and nail. The documentary will air on the 6th of August 2011 on SBS TV in South Korea.


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