14 Mei 2013

Peralatan Unik Yang Digunakan Oleh Perisik KGB Di Russia

Gambar² peralatan unik dan pelik yg digunakan oleh Spy KGB di Russia suatu ketika dulu.

A tiny gun hidden on the inside of a glove.
A miniature gun, mounted in a pipe.
This umbrella could shoot poisoned darts.
A transmitter hidden in the heel of a shoe.
This CIA tool kit was designed to be concealed anally by agents in the 60s.
A 4.5mm Gun, mounted in the chuck of lipstick by the KGB
A camera disguised as a watch, from the German Secret Service.
These CIA issued glasses could contain poison in the arms.
A system for listening radar and air defense systems discovered by KGB agents.
A miniature cyanide gun
This pen contains a hidden camera
These KGB cuff links from the middle of the 20th Century had a hidden compartment inside.
This object was apparently an CIA transmitter.
This mid-century soviet coin had a hidden recess inside.
A small KGB camera disguised like a button from the 1970s
A CIA bomb disguised as a rock (the other box contains camouflage paint for the bomb).
A bomb disguised as a flask.
Put together, these two fasteners could create a compass.


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