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19 July 2011

15 Bangunan Hospital Dan Klinik Yang Unik

1. Placebo Pharmacy by KLAB

2. Taiwan Center for Disease Control Complex

3. National Heart Center in Singapore

4. Center for Brain Health by Frank Gehry

5. Life Activity Center by Frank Gehry

6. Champalimaud Center for the Unknown

7. Velez-Rubio Health Center, Almeria, Spain

8. Helios Rehab Sanctuary Concept

9. Mornington Center Nursing Home by Lyons

10. Suzhou Children’s Hospital

11. Mobile Hospital Made of Semi-Trailers

12. New Santa Lucia University General Hospital

13. Ubuntu Center by Field Architecture

14. Rehabilitation Center Groot Klimmendaal

15. Pictou Landing Health Center



  1. chantikk!! suke!! kat mlesia ni bile la nk ade kn. hahahaaaa

  2. haaa. itu ler pasal. kat malaysia ni belum ada arkitek yg terer2 kot. ataupun takde bajet.